Depression is Like Doodle Jump


My Dad is fond of saying “Just play the game.” Mostly in relation to going along with whatever my mother is saying, in order to then go and peacefully do whatever you had planned on doing in the first place. For example, why argue with Mom’s wisdom of you wearing a sweater because she is cold. Simply put on the sweater in front of Mom & promptly take it off as soon as you are out of view.

If I had learned that lesson, I would have saved countless hours of needless debate which clearly could have been spent without wearing a sweater, studying for an illustrious career.  Yet, here I sit indignant, unemployed, and to be honest, with a slight chill.

Imagine my excitement when I had the epiphany, getting out of my depression was feeling just like playing Doodle Jump.  I was playing the game – hopping up towards happiness, shooting down the negative aliens in my life, using the jetpack of medication.  So, just a question, is there a finish line in Doodle Jump?  I’m still dealing with depression and I seem to have developed a fear of U.F.O.s